Accept Payments In-store or on the Go

Reliable, high-performance equipment for fast transactions, with built-in security to protect card information.

Mobile Solutions

Turn your smartphone into a point-of-sale terminal and accept payments anytime, anywhere. Three great solutions:

  • paywareFirst Data Mobile PaySM service

    Insert this secure, low-cost device into your Android, download the app, and begin swiping credit cards

  • VeriFone® PAYware Mobile

    Slip your iPhone into a special sleeve to securely swipe and accept credit card payments

  • First Data™ FD400Ti Terminal

    Accept credit, debit and paper checks with this fully functional, handheld wireless solution


In-Store Solutions

Select the countertop or Wi-Fi version that meets your needs (built-in printer included):

  • First Data™ FD100Ti

    FD100tiFull-service processing at an affordable price  Demo

  • First Data™ FD200Ti

    For supermarkets and others that process many checks
    (built-in check reader) Demo

  • First Data™ FD300Ti

    For retail locations with multiple businesses in one location Demo

  • First Data™ FD55

    For the cost-conscious merchant seeking maximum value
    (Wi-Fi not available) Demo